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We would like to share our particular solutions for your company.

With our solutions that will meet the needs of all small, medium and large-sized companies, we enable companies to follow technology closely.

Special ERP/CMS for Companies

Software that you can make your company's entire process planning.

What is your redound?
  • Department Management
  • Personnel Planning
  • Stock Tracking
  • Financial Management
  • Custom Reporting
  • Mobile / Tablet Access
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Our ERP Packs

E-Trade Systems

Move your stores to virtual environment get the opportunity to reach more customers and earn more.

What are the features?
  • Adding Unlimited Products
  • 3D Online Payment Receiving
  • Stock Tracking
  • Mobile Compatible Responsive
  • Cargo Integration
  • Sales Reports
  •

Our E-Trade Packs

Web Software Services

Web software service for your company's Multi-Language Dynamic corporate websites.

  • Multi-Language Option
  • Promotion of Your Services
  • Mobile / Tablet Compatible
  • Social Media Link
  • Unlimited Admin Panel
  • Google Analytics Visitor
  •

  • Our Web Software Packs

Custom Software Services

Do you want to use the software you use in your company authentically?

Main Features
  • Usage from mobile browser
  • Unlimited User Registration
  • Unlimited Data Recording
  • Statistics
  • Personnel Tracking Logging
  • Worldwide Access

  • Custom Software Appeal

Data Hosting Services

DA secure environment to host your database and files.

How About The Structure?
  • Secure Servers
  • Monthly Backup
  • 10GB + Bandwidth
  • 24/7 Ticket Support
  • 10:00-22:00 Phone Support
  • Virus Removal and Repair

  • Our Hosting Packs

Technical Support and Development

Technical Support and Development for the software which you have already used.

What Does It Contain?
  • User Training
  • Bug Fix and Development
  • Module Development
  • Time Management and Planning
  • Documentation Preparation
  • Documentation Preparation

Our Support Packs

Our Data Centers Where Your Software is Located

All of your data, from your corporate web pages to your special projects, is stored in a secure area at Datacenters located in our domestic and international locations. The data centers, which are our solution partners, are kept under control 24/7 with a special team. Develops action for situations such as fire and natural disasters.

  • Special Packages for Your Budget
  • Management panel
  • 24/7 Ticket Support
  • Limit Excess Notification
Do You Want To Buy a Hosting Pack?

Always get NEW with updates!

YThere are new architectures, new features and security structures in software processes with each passing day. Your software that you have used needs to be updated from time to time, and data policies should be checked and updated.

In this process, we periodically contact you and update your software.

Software Check and Update Request

Our References

What People Say About Us?

We would like to share our customers comments about our company with you.

testimonial quote

I am lucky to choose you!

They delivered our international projects on time. They showed very good results. We like the project done. They pay attention to customer satisfaction.

Tarık Temeloğlu
Betem Bilişim Software Services
testimonial quote

Careful and Satisfied Work

They are customer-oriented and corporate. They are attentive and satisfaction oriented. They show more interest than we do in solving our problems.

Ms. Melek
Mes Painting
testimonial quote

Disciplinary Structure, Supporting Students

You will be amazed when you see the communication and business discipline of the company, when you have any technical problems or questions, it is quite possible to reach the relevant place in the company and the dialogues with the customer provide trust. I met the company thanks to their helping me develop in a software project I did in the field of digital marketing and sales at university. I can confidently say that this is a company that my fellow students can apply for projects similar to this one.

testimonial quote

They Work With Plan, And Design First

I went in search of a corporate software company to renew our website. I met Sarman Soft on the recommendation of a friend. First, we had a face-to-face meeting. First of all, I tried to describe the home page of our website by drawing it on a piece of paper. They did a good job with their support as well. A highly corporate and professional team, I would like to thank them once again.

Ms. Ilayda
testimonial quote

I'm Very Satisfied With My Web Interface and Site

About a year ago, we worked with Sarman Software for a dynamically structured site. Since the site is dynamic, they designed a dynamically structured interface that I can use as well. I am very satisfied with the interface and the site. There are occasional problems with the database, but they always help me, even though it has been 1 year. I recommend.

Ms. Ipek
Ultimate Swimming